December 2nd 2020: The seedlings planted out last year are doing well

As can be read in the news item of November 15, 2019, we put a number of young Coastal Redwoods in the open ground again at the end of last year at our planting locations on the Millevaches plateau in France. Despite the very warm and dry summer, all newly planted seedlings survived as well as the earlier batches.

There are now a few hundred Coastal Redwoods and Giant Sequoias ready to be planted out into the open ground. These young trees are planted in areas in the forest that have become available through thinning and maintenance and on two unplanted plots. Because of the travel restrictions to and in France and because of the possible cold winters, we choose to plant the young seedling out next spring. The Giant Sequoias will be placed on higher ground and the Coastal Redwoods will be planted in lower parts of the terrain, near rivers. These beautiful "fossil" trees will soon form the basis for a number of plots with mixed stands in both types and ages. They are among native tree species and other seedlings are also planted that are found in the current natural habitat of the Sequoias. We are "stering" towards a high degree of diversity and as much natural rejuvenation as possible. We call it "steering" because in order to achieve diversity in species and ages, we need to make room for young trees in time. Sometimes by introducing new species and sometimes to bring about rejuvenation. New species certainly don't have to be alien, but can also mean that we reintroduce trees that are naturally occurring in the environment into homogeneous forest plots. When transplanting new species, we also look for species that fit in the warming climate.

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