October 16th 2020: Numbered trees, larger pots and new shipping packaging

Today we are introducing our new way of offering young living trees.From now on each tree is provided with a unique number to which a lot of detailed information about its origin, culture and growth is linked. In addition, the young trees have already been placed in a larger pot with a potting soil mixture specifically tailored to these trees with the appropriate slow-release fertilizers. So instead of sending the seedlings directly from the 65 to 200ml culture cells, the seedlings are now placed in a larger pot first. In order to be able to send these larger pots properly by post, a completely new shipping packaging has been developed. All in all, this has been quite a switch, requiring standardization on a new pot.

An advantage of using these new larger pots is that the young trees do not need to be potted on arrival for the first 9 to 14 months. In addition, the young trees are provided with the correct potting soil mix and nutrients. Because each tree has a unique number, it is possible to find out for each tree when the tree has been placed in its new pot and for how many months there are still nutrients in the potting soil. The larger pots can also retain more moisture, which is also beneficial for transport.

By providing each young tree with a unique number, a lot of detailed information can be recorded per tree. This information is shown per tree in the description of the relevant seedling on this website.

Seedlings in their culture cells:

Seedling from the breeding cell and to its new pot with its unique number:

Young Giant Sequoia with cardboard inlay that fixes potting soil and root system for transport:

Seedling Sequoia in the inset inlay next to the measuring rod (the tree is still sealed before it is sent to prevent drying out):​

The new shipping box with a box at the bottom for, for example, the instructions:

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