Sowing advice for loose seeds

Sowing advice when growing a Giant Sequoia, Coastal Redwood or Metasequoia from seeds

It is nice to grow your own Giant Sequoia, Coastal Redwood or Metasequoia from a seed. If you buy our a sowing kit from us, next to the seeds you will find everything to grow your own tree, including the step-by-step instructions. If you buy or only have the seeds, you can follow the following steps.

Seed treatment:

  1. Necessary: Leave the seeds in the bag and put the bag in the refrigerator (4-7 °C) for 2 to 3 weeks. 
    Recommended: Remove the seeds from the bag and let them soak in distilled water for 24 hours at room temperature (covering the seeds) only when the water is at room temperature). If you do not have distilled water, use rainwater that you have boiled and let it cool before you let the seeds soak in it. If you don't have that either, you can use tap water.

Planting the seeds:

  1. Choose a pot that is well drained through holes in the bottom.
  2. Planting your seeds in seed & cutting compost works better than potting compost-soil.
    Recommended: Make sure that the seed & cutting soil contains about 20-25% perlite.
    Recommended: Mix the right amount of slow-release Redwoodking fertilizer into the soil if this is not pre-mixed already.
  3. Fill your pot with at least 4 cm of soil and make sure that the top of the soil stays about 5 cm from the top edge.
  4. Make sure the soil is well moist.
  5. Spread 3 to 5 seeds neatly on the ground with about 0.5 cm distance between the seeds. Seeds from Giant Sequoias and Coastal Redwoods are not easy germs. They rarely all germinate.
  6. Sprinkle a very thin layer of soil over the seeds (1-3 mm). You can also sprinkle a layer of perlite over the seeds (3-5 mm).
  7. Now wrap household foil over the pot. This ensures less rapid changes in temperature and a more humid environment.
  8. Place the pot in a warm place (preferably 21 ° C) with a lot of indirect sunlight. Ensure that the sprouted trees do not come in direct sunlight.
    Recommended: Remove the foil every 2 to 3 days for about 60 minutes. This prevents mold formation.
  9. Keep the soil moist. For example a plant sprayer.
  10. The seeds come on average between 10 and 45 days.

Taking care of your newly sprouted trees:

  1. Keep the soil moist and remove the plastic film every few days for about 60 minutes.
  2. When the trees have almost grown against the plastic, it is time to remove this plastic. You have to do this in steps to allow the trees to get used to the new circumstances. Pierce a few holes in the foil every day to gradually get them used to the less humid and controlled environment. Make sure they do not dry out.
  3. The plastic film can be completely removed after about 7 days. A place in the living room is often too dry and warm once the plastic has been removed from the pot. Choose a place behind a window in a conservatory or utility room. Continue to avoid direct sunlight until the seedlings have grown considerably. Provide the right nutrients.

The saplings are very vulnerable. Among other things, they cannot stand to long exposure to direct sunlight, drying out, drafts, strongly changing temperatures, watering and grasping. Preferably avoid a place above a radiator.

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