January 3rd 2020: Small bags of nutrients added to our product range

For those who are potting their own Giant Sequoia tree or Coastal Redwood tree to a larger pot, we have now added small bags with slowly released nutrients to our product range. The composition of the nutrients in the bags and the quantity are tailored to young sequoia trees that go to a larger pot. So you don't have to figure out which nutrients you need, where you can buy slowly released fertilizer and you don't have to buy a large bag.

It's simple: determine the size of the current pot. Then determine the size of your new pot. The difference in size is the amount of potting soil that you must add. Our 40 gram bags are tailored to 10 liters of potting soil, so the amount of soil you are going to add. If you buy a small or medium seedling from Redwoodking and you start potting it in a 10-liter pot upon receipt, you can simply add the entire bag. Mix the nutrients and the soil well.

During the first month of introduction of this product we offer it with a discounted price.

Click on this link to go to the product.

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