November 15th 2019: Redwoodking plant a number of Coastal Redwoods in the open ground.

Coastal Redwood in open groundAt the beginning of November we again put a number of Coastal Redwoods in the open ground.

In 2016 we started planting Coastal Sequoias and Giant Sequoias in our soil at our plant locations in the Millevaches Plateau in France. These two species are the largest trees in the world. Last week we again put a number of new seedlings in the open ground. Because of the high risk of abrasion damage and feeding damage due to deer, we immediately provided protection this time.

The seedlings are the most vulnerable in the first years. They must not be protected against game damage, but must also withstand any periods of frost and drought. After successfully coming through for a number of years, these giant trees can hardly be stopped. They then grow into the largest tree on earth. An impressive and fairy-tale tree.

The nice thing is that you can easily grow them yourself from a seed or plant them as a seedling. Something to enjoy for generations.

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