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Coastal Redwood in the south of the NetherlandsRedwoodking is the Sequoia specialist in Europe. We focus on growing, potting, planting out in the garden and caring for Sequoias. We sell young trees, seeds, sowing kits and nutrients tailored to Sequoias. The “seed” for our passion for Sequoia trees was planted a long time ago. In 1972 one of our fathers did something that left a lasting impression. He placed a flowerpot with a Coastal Redwood seed in the windowsill (Sequoia Sempervirens - Coastal mammoth tree). After the seed had sprouted, the tree remained on the windowsill for some time and the tree was taken care of with love. When the tree was a bit bigger it was moved outside in its pot. When the tree was around 3 or 4 years old, it was given a permanent place in our garden in the south of the Netherlands. During the first few years, the top died of frost a few times in the winter. The Coastal Redwood always recovered well and one of the upper side branches took over the role from the top. The tree continued to grow. The branches, with nice little green needles-leaves, slowly  bowed downwards and the tree remained green all year round. After a few years the bark started to get a nice brown-red color with a nice structure and it felt "soft". The tree has reached the age of 50 and is now one of the tallest trees in the village. With its beautiful soft, reddish-brown bark, beautiful hanging branches and the wind-swept top, it has become a fascinating and beautiful tree.

This "windowsill" experience has left a lasting impression. A visit to "Muir Woods National Monument" in Calofornie just above San Fransisco in 1998 was another very nice experience. In Muir Woods, on both sides of the river Redwook Creek, there are many beautiful Coastal Redwood trees of varying ages. That visit made a great impression. Multiple of these beautiful trees together makes them even more impressive.

In 2008 we cultivated our first Coastal Redwoods and Giant Sequoias from seed ourselves. These are now located in various places in Europe. Growing and planting went through trial and error. So seed did not come out or the newly emerged trees still died somewhere in the first two years. The first months are the most difficult after germination is the most sensitive phase. We started looking for the best growing methods and materials. We have tapped into the knowledge and experience of all kinds of other hobby and professional growers. We have built up fun, educational and good relationships within and outside of Europe. The best growing methods and materials are bundled in the seed kits that we offer and these are also applied to the cultivated specimens. In 2015 we purchased breeding and planting locations in France, planted the first Coastal Redwood trees there and started selling Coastal Redwoods and Giant Sequoias. In 2019 we started selling young Giant Sequoia trees and young Coastal Redwood trees online as well as our first seed grow kits.

We are fascinated and passionate about these magnificent trees. We would like to share this knowledge and passion and ensure that these impressive trees, just like 140 million years ago, will once again be on the European continent.

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