Sequoia seed grow kit sowing advice

Giant Sequoia - Coastal Redwood mini greenhouse in our online seed grow kits.Sowing (Coastal) Sequoia trees is easy to do yourself with our seed kits. Simply follow the instructions that come with our, 100% germination warranty, seed kits. 

Open the package. In it you will find a mini greenhouse, a bag of seeds, a bag of soil, a bag of white chunks of perlite and a paper with the sowing instructions.

Put the contents of the bag with growing medium (soil) in the mini greenhouse. Add water until the soil is well moist but not too wet. Throw several seeds on top of the ground in the mini greenhouse. Use several because on average only 1 in about 3 seeds germinates. Save the remaining seeds. Add the white perlite chunks on top of the seeds. Now put the cap back on the mini greenhouse.

Now it's time for some patience to help nature. Put the freshly filled mini-greenhouse in the fridge. The temperature of the refrigerator is around 7 degrees and mimics the winter. This step is to stratify the seeds. Leave the mini cabinet in the fridge for 21 days. Through this "winter" the seeds are made ready for germination. Sowing can be done all year round, but it is best to do this in harmony with the natural seasons, by starting with the stratification from January to April so that your seeds germinate in the spring.

Place the mini box in a warm place in the indirect sunlight. For example in the windowsill in the living room. Avoid full sun as soon as the seed has sprouted. The moist and warm environment resemble the lenten and that causes the seeds to germinate. Germination can take 10 to 45 days. Add some water to keep the soil moist without getting wet.

If you have succeeded in getting more than one seed, carefully remove the smaller sprouted seeds and plant them in other pots. Leave the largest sprouted seed. Do not wait too long before repotting to prevent the roots from growing together. Transplanting is a major attack on the plant and so keep in mind that they will not survive this. Make sure there are not too many temperature changes, so do not place above a radiator. A room with an even temperature and good indirect sunlight is ideal. Make sure that the tree is not in a draft.

When the tree has almost grown to the top of your mini-box it is time to transplant it to a pot. This is another tough step for the young tree. It is best to first open the mini greenhouse slowly so that the tree can get used to it. The best method is to open the mini box for 2 to 3 hours on day one of the habituation and to extend this time by 2 hours per day. After a week you can repot the tree. Choose a pot of 2 to 25 liters. Fill this with potting soil mixed with a slowly released fertilizer for conifers with 9 months of nutrient release. Keep paying attention, especially when the mini box opens but also afterwards that the Redwood will not be in full sun. Ensure that there is sufficient light but not the full sun. Take care of your tree as it grows. Water the tree only when the soil looks and feels almost completely dry.

From the moment your young tree emerges from its mini-greenhouse and is put in a pot, it likes to be outside. In the first years, protect the tree from several hours of full sun a day and from wind or drafts. When the tree is two to three years old, it can withstand several hours of full sun a day. Protect the tree in the first years against wind or draft. Also protect the tree from frost in the first few years. If your tree nevertheless has to deal with a lot of frost, it can happen that your top freezes out. A new branch automatically takes over that function. If more buds grow than we recommend pruning the extra buds. After a while (usually a few years) it is no longer visible that your top has been renewed. This is of course at the expense of your growth rate.

If your tree is around 2 to 4 years old, it will start to drain its pot. It is time to give the tree a permanent place. Make sure you keep space away from buildings, overhead cables and other trees. Choose a sunny place with sufficient drainage. Offers protection against frost for as long as possible.

Enjoy your own grown special Sequoia tree. Fun to do, a beautiful tree and good for the environment.

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