Young Sequoia Trees

Sequoias are also called Redwoods. Our young trees are grown from a seed and are therefore also called seedlings. Sometimes we offer young cloned trees. These are clones of a special mother tree which is then clearly stated with the relevant tree including the data of the mother tree.
Each tree grown from seed is unique because of its DNA, just like humans. That is why every tree we have in our nursery has its own unique identification number. We keep as much information as possible about the way in which it has been cultivated and how it has grown for each tree. For each young tree we offer it's indicated how long it can and should remain in its current pot before repotting or planting it in the open ground. Our trees are grown without pesticides. With our seedlings you have a flying start with unique background information about your specific, unique and special tree.
All our seedlings are shipped including a detailed instruction. Also for potting and planting outside.

Click here to view the available young Giant Sequoia trees.

Click here to view the available young Coastal Redwood trees.


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