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Two one year old Coastal Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) from European culture

€ 37,00
Specification Description
Height indication including pot 28 - 40cm
Indication stem height 10 - 22cm
Potting date 12-09-2020
Type of pot 2L (12x12x20cm)
Seed country of origin USA & NL
Sowing month Q1-2020

One year old Coastal Redwoods
These young Coastal Redwoods were grown from a seed in culture cells at the beginning of 2020. They were put in a 2L pot at the beginning of the autumn 2020 with the right growing medium with slowly released nutrients. These trees vary in length between 8 and 16cm. They are already sprouting again so they are just getting bigger. The bigger the bundle, the higher the discount.

Can be left in the current pot for months before repotting or planting​

The pot contains potting soil specially tailored to the Coastal Redwood trees with the correct type and dosage of slow-release fertilizers. The nutriens are released over the course of 12 tot 14 months after the potting date. The advice is to leave the seedling in this pot until the slow-release fertilizers have been released so the roots can develop nicely before taking the seedling out of its pot. So until 12 to 14 months after the potting date. Only then transfer the seedling to a larger pot or put it in the ground.

About the Coastal Sequoia - Coastal Redwood in general
The Coastal Sequoia is the highest tree species on earth. The Coastal Sequoia is an evergreen that will grow a soft reddish-brown bark over the years. The Coastal Redwood is known by various names such as Coastal Sequoia, Coastal Redwood, California Redwood and Sequoia sempervirens. A Coastal Sequoia is one of the oldest tree species and it can grow to be more than 2,000 years old. Coastal Sequoia trees thrive in a variety of climate zones and environments including the UK.

The Coastal Redwood is on the IUCN list of endangered tree species. So by planting a Coastal Redwood you also help with the continued existence of this species. The average growth rate is 30 to 60 centimeters per year. The rapid growth starts 5 to 6 years after the Coastal Redwood seedling has been put in the ground in a good spot.

Plant a Coastal Sequoia seedling now!

About Redwoodking Seedlings

  • A seedling is a young tree grown from a seed. Each seedling is therefore genetically unique.
  • No pesticides or poisons are used when growing the seedlings.
  • Detailed instructions for repotting and outdoor planting are included with the delivery. A concise version can be found under Sowing and Planting advice.
  • Not only because of the individual genetic characteristics, but also because of the dynamic growth, each seedling is unique. The price is determined per tree.
  • Each young tree develops slightly differently and bare in mind that the young trees continue to develop even after taking the photo. Especially in the growing season.
  • The description contains as much information as possible about the tree in question.
  • The photos with the relevant article are of the relevant seedling.

Giant Sequoia trees, like other trees, break down CO2, releasing oxygen (O2) and storing carbon (C) in the wood. Trees also provide shelter from strong winds, high temperatures, noise and soil erosion. Landscape value, nature and air quality are increasing.

A tree grows in value and beauty every year.

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