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New model seed grow kit Coastal Redwood - Sequoia sempervirens

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Grow your own Coastal Redwood from a seed!

During 2020 we developed and tested a new seed grow kit. This new model seed grow kit again contains everything you need to grow this special Coastal Redwood, also called Coastal Sequoia, from a seed to the tallest tree on earth. The iconic California state trees, the Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) and Giant Redwood (Giant Sequoia / Sequoiadendron giganteum), are among the world's most fantastic living organisms and do well in a variety of locations and climatic zones including the UK. Grow your own Coastal Redwood!

About the new seed grow kit model
In 2020 we put together and tested a new seed grow kit. The new seed grow kit offers a number of advantages over the previous version. The most noticeable differences to the earlier version of the sowing set:

  • The new mini greenhouse is available in both a round shape and an "eye shape" (oval)
  • The new mini greenhouse has a slightly larger cultivation area due to its larger diameter (~ 29 cm2 instead of ~ 20 cm2)
  • Due to the larger diameter, additional germinating seeds are easier to reach (round: ~ 6 cm, eye shape: ~ 7.4 cm x ~ 5 cm)
  • Slightly higher mini greenhouse (~ 15 cm instead of ~ 10 cm)
  • A larger amount of culture medium so that the germinated seeds can grow a little longer in the mini greenhouse
  • The new mini greenhouse can be shipped flat
  • Despite the larger mini greenhouse and a larger amount of growing medium and perlite, the price has stayed the same

About the Coastal Redwood - Coastal Sequoia tree

The Coastal Redwood is a beautiful evergeen and is the highest tree species on earth. The Coastal Redwood is known by various names such as Coastal Sequoia, Coastal Mammoth Tree, Coastal Redwood, California Redwood and Sequoia sempervirens. In addition to being the tallest tree species, it is one of the oldest tree species that can grow to be more than 2,000 years old.

The Coastal Redwood is on the IUCN list of endangered tree species. So you also help with the continued existence of this species.

The Coastal Redwood trees are among the fastest growing trees on earth and can grow 1.5 meters per year. The average growth rate is 30 to 60 centimeters per year. The rapid growth starts 5 to 6 years after the Coastal Redwood seedling has been put in the ground in a good spot.

Grow your own Coastal Redwood, the tallest tree on earth!

About the Redwoodking seed grow kits, wih 100% germination guarantee

  • This growth kit contains everything you need to grow this special Giant Sequoia from a seed to the largest tree in terms of volume on earth: seeds, growing medium, perlite, a mini greenhouse and detailed instructions.
  • The detailed sowing instructions are in English for UK customers.
  • If you encounter problems during the cultivation of your tree, please contact us immediately.
  • 100% germination guarantee - if none of your seeds unexpectedly don't germinate, we will send you free replacement seeds for for only the shipping fee of 2.50 euros.

Fun and fascinating! A universal symbol of life, new beginnings and future..

A great gift whose value and beauty increases every year.

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