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Giant Sequoia Redwood: we sell seedlings and seed kits online with postal deliveryEach young tree has a unique number and is shown with its own photos and (cultivation) characteristics!

Grow your own Giant Sequoia

The Sequoia trees, also known as Redwoods or mammoth trees, are beautiful trees and have been present on Earth for more than 140 million years. Redwoodking is fascinated by and specializes in the Giant Sequoia, the Coastal Redwood and Metasequoia trees. These are the last three living species of the “Sequoioideae” family. The magnificent Giant Sequoias and Coastal Redwoods have multiple names:

  • The Giant Sequoia is also called Giant Redwood, Sierra Redwood, Wellingtonia or Sequoiadendron giganteum. 
  • The Coastal Redwood is also called Coast SequoiaCoast Redwood, Coastal Sequoia, Californian Redwood or Sequoia sempervirens.
  • The Metasequoia is also called Dawn Redwood, Dawn Sequoia, Chinese Sequoia or Metasequoia glyptostroboides.

Although these trees were already to be found on the European continent over 140 miljon years ago, they had disappeared there after the last ice age. Nowadays these magnificent trees are again to found on many different locations in Europa. The Giant Sequoia and Coastal Redwood trees belong to the oldest, highest and biggest tress on earth. They are so-called Evergreen trees, staying green leaves all year around. The Metasequoia however loses its needles in winter. As very fast growers Redwoods are capable of processing a lot of CO2, releasing oxygen (O2) and storing carbon (C).

Sequoia trees - Redwood trees are impressive, facinating and beautiful trees. You can breed them yourself from a seed or plant a young seedling. Either way, it's a rewarding experience and result. Redwood trees are also used for Bonsai tree growth.

A young Giant Sequoia or Coastal Redwood or seed grow kit is a great gift, birth gift or promotional gift. Unique, sustainable, focused on the future and it is a very beautiful tree.

Sowing or planting your own Sequoia tree or Redwood tree is fun and not difficult.


Sequoia Trees can be grown from a seed or bought as a young tree, seedling. We offer advice, seedkits and seedlings.


January 5th 2021: Introduction of our new and slightly larger seed grow kit
Today we are introducing our new version of the Giant Sequoia and Coastal Redwood seed grow kits. During 2020 we developed and tested a new version of the seed grow kit. The new seeding kit has a number of advantages over the previous version. Click here to read the whole article.

January 4th 2021: Bag with 1 liter perlite added to the range
In response to several questions from customers, we have added bags of 1 liter perlite to our range. They can be found under the heading "Seeds and Nutrients". Click here to read the whole article.

December 2nd 2020: The seedlings planted out last year are doing well
As can be read in the news item of November 15, 2019, we put a number of young Coastal Redwoods in the open ground again at the end of last year at our planting locations on the Millevaches plateau in France. Despite the very warm and dry summer, all newly planted seedlings survived as well as the earlier batches. Click here to read the whole article.

November 3rd 2020: Extra busy around holidays with delivery
Around the upcoming holidays, many orders are placed online and delivery services are very busy. This can lead to longer delivery times. So order on time. Click here to read the whole article.

October 16th 2020: Numbered trees, larger pots and new shipping packaging
Today we are introducing our new way of offering young living trees.From now on each tree is provided with a unique number to which a lot of detailed information about its origin, culture and growth is linked. In addition, the young trees have already been placed in a larger pot with a potting soil mixture specifically tailored to these trees with the appropriate slow-release fertilizers. Click here to read the entire article.

Our young trees are shipped in 2L pots
The potting soil containts the right nutirents for many months

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